Sapphire Properties - About Us

Bringing the latest insights and innovative thinking to our clients, Sapphire Properties offers a contemporary and completely unique property experience by building honest relationships with you to realise your every desire. Our hard-working and committed team secures’ the highest standard of service and support possible. Whatever your needs, Sapphire Properties will deliver impeccable quality service at every stage, and for the most complex of tasks we will ensure the right skills are sourced to complete the job.

The value of our native speaking team is classically understated in the warm and welcoming experience we offer. We believe that taking the time to discover your wants, needs and passions significantly help us to find your dream property that you can feel at home in and keep smiling for years to come.

Sapphire Properties’ bespoke photography lead marketing allows every property to stand out from the rest. With eloquent descriptions and an impassioned team of agents there to diligently promote our homes whenever and wherever the opportunities arise, we ensure all our properties are advertised to their highest potential. We nurture the very essence and soul of every property we manage revealing its unique qualities. By implementing bespoke and tailor made campaigns for every property, so no two campaigns are the same, Sapphire Properties aspires to marry the perfect union between client and property.

The Essence of Sapphire

"At the heart of Sapphire Properties is the motto of community, unity and honesty. Our services are customer focused as our partnerships evolve, so we provide the best support when and where you need it. We endeavour to anticipate all the obstacles that may arise for our customers; counter and eliminate them with strength and integrity. Sapphire Properties is exclusive, transparent and fully focused on its customers."

The Sapphire Team

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No one can say they are where they are without the support of countless people. At Sapphire Properties, we value our team as much as our own family and we each have our own strengths to allow us to complement each other, providing the best quality service possible to our clients.

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Kathrin Ziegenhagen

Founding Partner & Rentals Director

With an exceptionally strong work ethic and over 10 years of experience in property rentals in Spain and conversing with the luxury elite of Europe, Kathrin delivers an unprecedented level of elegance and unparalleled service to her clients. Native to Munich, Kathrin honed her skills in the South Africa property market and recently settled in Mallorca. 

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Peter Wood

Founding Partner & Financial Director

After graduating with a business and financial economics degree from England, Peter accumulated 10 years of accounting experience for one of the top logistics firms in Manchester. Now based in Mallorca, he grew up in luxury coastal towns around Spain and appreciates everything the country has to offer and with his powerful analytical skills and eye for financial detail, Sapphire Properties’ clients are well informed throughout every transaction.

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sapphire properties holiday rental services peter

Sapphire for Life

Our excellent service and attention to detail doesn’t end when you have the home of your dreams or your vacation comes to an end. Sapphire Properties offers after-service care for life and we are eager to be of any assistance; maybe settling in to a new community, navigating the minefields of registering within the local authorities or simply advice on the best restaurants and shops. The Sapphire community is forever growing and developing, allowing us to provide untold assistance in anything you may require and we urge our clients to stay in contact.